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Jay Jerrier - Our Founder

Cane Rosso comes to Texas from disgruntled former corporate drone Jay Jerrier who had a dream to bring true Neapolitan pizza to the area.

This passion for “real” pizza began in 1995 on a honeymoon trip to the Italian Riviera where Jay had his first “holy crap” moment: true pizza wasn’t covered with grease, oil, salt – and certainly not pineapple, chicken, and ranch dressing.

Flash forward 10 years to 2005 in Dallas. After building a wood-burning pizza oven in his backyard, and months of truly awful nuclear pizzas, Jay sought out "professional help" and trained with Neapolitans from the Associazone Verace Pizza Neapoletana to try and learn the skills of true pizzaioli.

Dino Santonicola
Our Master Pizzaiolo

A mobile catering oven was launched in early 2009 and quickly developed a large and loyal following. The mobile oven is still rolling around Dallas-Fort Worth seven days a week. Cane Rosso’s first bricks-and-mortar location finally opened in February of 2011 with a hand-made Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven at the heart of the restaurant. Since opening, Cane Rosso has been fortunate to receive great support from both customers and the local media – winning Best Pizza by D Magazine, Best Pizza by The Dallas Observer, Best Caesar by The Dallas Observer, Best Italian by The Dallas Morning News, and our Che Cazzo pizza was featured on Tribune Networks show America’s Best Bites. Cane Rosso is one of a handful of US restaurants certified by the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Our beloved red dog, Zoli

In September 2011, Chef Dino Santonicola – a native of Naples, Italy – joined the Cane Rosso team to help ensure that eating pizza at Cane Rosso would be just the same as eating pizza in Naples. Dino has been making pizza for over 20 years in both America and Italy, including at Pizzeria Brandi the birthplace of the Margherita Pizza. Cane Rosso is only the only place in Texas where you can enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked by an authentic Neapolitan!

So why "Cane Rosso"? Translated from Italian, "Red Dog" is named after our beloved first dog, Zoli, a Vizsla with a beautiful red coat. We also have a pizza named after him!